Elf Bow-Ranger


He’s actually a mounted ranger by training, having initially been a long range scout and runner across the island of Corellion.

He’s a very talented archer, although by no means the best. He combines it with a fair riding talent though, making him something akin to the mongol horseback archers. His current weapon is a nicely built masterwork Elven Composite Longbow. He also carries some small blades here and there and often a bear trap or two just for fun.

Somehow he befriended a gigantic cat out in the desert when he was off on some sort of walk about or something. He’s not real clear on what happened, but one day he just came into the city with a hundred fifty pound desert cat in tow. Now, several weeks and months later, the cat is pushing five hundred pounds and look as though it could eat a halfling in one gulp. He’s actually building himself a saddle so he can ride the cat, of all crazy things…


So his earliest duties consisted almost entirely of cooking and cleaning, because of his chronic inability to shut his damn mouth. It’s not that he talks a lot; he doesn’t. He just has a hard time letting stupid things said left hanging without pointing them out. Tact is for pussies; sarcasm is for real men.

So when he finally did get assigned somewhere his family pulled some strings to get him put somewhere safer, and boring, and hopefully miserable enough to send him home, for better or for worse. This dumped him on the Island of Corellion, where he spent his days either guarding against gargoyle attacks as an archer on some of the defensive walls, or cooking in the galley whenever he finally could no longer resist the urge to mouth off to a superior.

On the fateful airship flight that dumped him in a world of hell and crazy beetle monks and long dead civilizations he was actually scheduled to be transferred back home and was more or less miserable about the whole idea. But fate or luck or what have you intervened, and he sudden;y found himself conscripted for a year and a day. Well, if ever there was a perfect excuse not to go home, this was it… well, at least until it got too annoying. But Fiziel has kind of taken to the desert. There’s something about the shifting sands and extremes of heat and cold that really appeal to him…


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