Sand and Sorrow

Flying Cities, of which no good can come
Session 11

In which the party continues to hang around the desert elf village where no one wants them there, meet a talking dragon skull, and find out that cities that fly are doomed to crash, killing the Illumians (which are interbred children of the first race) and causing the ghost storms, which in turn were a huge deciding factor in the extinction of the Illumians. And Jackrum is a good person that does a lot of good things, but has some major secrets that we really really need to squeeze out of him. Also, I really really hate the desert.

Desert Love, is Driving Me Mad, It's Making Me Crazy
Session 10

In which the party escapes a flood only to find a hidden village of desert elves, discovers a still-living Jackrum, and Fez finds his soulmate. Also, George’s feelings about woman abuse become readily apparent. End result – homicidal tendencies and ruined bacon. Mmmm… bacon.

Death: An Inconvenient Plot Point
Session 9

In which the party, after finally escaping the horrors of the ziggarut, is thoroughly wiped out by a random monk of awesome. Dukalti, barely alive, hears voices and drags the dead bodies into the desert, buries them, and after giving of himself in service to this nature spirit, his allies are raised from the dead. Then they discover that the monk has taken all of their things, and Alastor wishes he’d stayed dead.

Buried Alive
Session 6

In which the party descends into the pit in the hopes of finding treasure… er… we mean Crnborg. Then some douche seals the pit, we meet a ghost named Dennis, kill a wraith, and have hallucinations about a flying city and crashing to our doom.


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